As we go through life, we may from time to time encounter the nagging question, “Why am I here? Is there something I am supposed to be doing?” Can you picture yourself on your deathbed feeling satisfied and thinking, “I was able to accomplish what I was meant to do. Now I can go peacefully.”? Most of us don’t feel we have the time to think deeply about what purpose our life may have or even any notion of how to go about discovering it.

Let me assure you that your life does have a purpose and that you can fulfill that purpose. Or rather I would say that your purpose unfolds as you pursue it, revealing further steps each time you reach a goal.  

Root Speaks to Bud is a book about fulfilling your purpose. It is based on an old teaching especially honored in the wisdom tradition of Sufism. Sufis believe there is a universal intelligence at the essence of life that is seeking to know itself through the experience of every sentient being. That means that behind your wish to accomplish something in life is the same power that animates the universe. When your wish is aligned with the deeper wish behind it, everything is possible. 

But how do you know what you are meant to do? Trying to work it out with your mind only leads to confusion and doubt. There is a way to cultivate intuition, to gain access to the quiet inner prompting of guidance that leads to a feeling of certitude. It means becoming comfortable with silence, with emptiness, with waiting. It means developing confidence in the guidance that comes. These things take patience and practice. 

Once you have a clue about your purpose, you are ready for a journey of accomplishment. Root Speaks to Bud shares the practical and inspiring wisdom of Sufism about how to discover and pursue your purpose in life.